The BEGINNER EXPERIENCE kits require just basic assembly using fine motor skills and household tools.

The INTERMEDIATE EXPERIENCE kits are recommended for ages 10 and up.

The BEGINNER SOLDERING which provides a simple start on soldering the parts of PC board.

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Solar Fly -- CAD $59.95
SOLAR FLY is a robotic lifeform whose energy source comes directly from the energy of the sun. Always in search of a better feeding area, this Cybug will explore its surroundings, very active in direct sunlight, always heading towards the sunniest spot it can find. Its sensitive Infra-red eyes continually cause this Cybug to move toward the brightest object it sees and its feelers help it navigate its way around obstacles! It even has short-term memory about objects it comes in contact with.

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Queen Ant -- CAD $64.95
QUEEN ANT is a fun-to-build, educational and entertaining kit where you creat an expanable, evolveable, and exciting member of your robotic ecosystem! The QUEEN ANT is designed with open architecture and is easily expanded to be fully solar powered (with our Queen Ant Solar Wings add-on kit - sold separately) or programmable by adding an optional basic programmable microprocessor.

  Click to see the video clip of the Queen Ant (968KB)
(note: you will need Windows Media Player to view this clip)

Moon Walker II -- CAD $69.95
MOON WALKER II has combined the technology of not one, but two (light and sound) sensors. A whimsical indication of future trends. MOON WALKER II begins to walk when it detects a change in light intensity or sound commands, and continues it four-legged voyage until instructed by an internal timer to stop. It challenges the builder at two levels of assembling experience.

SPIDER III -- CAD $69.95
SPIDER III This is an intelligent robot that avoids interference by emitting an infrared beam which detects obstacles in its path. It then sends command signals in the form of electronic pulses to alter the rotating direction of its motor to evade these obstacles.Specifications: Movement: 3 legs on each side by crank shaft, 2 DC motors. Control: infrared/photo transistor. Power Source: "AA" x 2 each, 9V x 1 each (not included). Size: H110xL140xW100mm. Power Consumption: (circuit) 7mA, (mechanical) 230mA.P

HYPER LINE TRACKER This robot posesses a sonic tracking system and is fortified with a multitude of sensors: photo transistor to detect a black line, tracking memory to memorize its last track of the black line, and two red LEDs that flash to tell you which side of the light sensor is activated. By using an infrared emitter, light sensor circuitry, and tracking memory, it demonstrates how robots see a pathway. Make a path with a black felt marker or black tape and watch how infrared sensors enable the robot's motors to make course corrections.Specifications: Movement: 2 wheels driven by 2 DC motors. Control: Infrared sensor/photo transistor, tracking memory. Power Source: "AA" x 4 each (not included). Size: H110xl155xW160mm. Power Consumption: (circuit) 60mA, (mechanical) 300mA.

Scout Walker 1.1 -- CAD $179.95
The SCOUTWALKER 1.1 walking robot is a simple implementation of patented Microcore technology to control its walking processes, without a microprocessor or programming! These walker kits are based on modified hobby servos and come with a custom circuit board that makes it very easy to assemble. It lets you explore the adaptive behaviour of the Microcore on a sturdy, simple to construct frame! The legs are heavy-gauge wire to make shaping easy while still maintaining their shape. (Soldering and mechanical skill required). 4 AA batteries are used for those who are simply too impatient to wait for solar-power. It also comes with backup circuitry and tactile sensor, with options for a second tactile sensor and backup-disable jumpers.

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