The idea of a robot is not new.  For thousands of years man has been imagining intelligent mechanized devices that perform human-like tasks.  In fact, the term "robot" was first used in 1920.  The word itself comes from the Czech word robota, meaning "work".

What do you think a robot looks like?  Robots come in many shapes and sizes.  Some of them are very simple and common, some are very complex and unusual.  If you think robots only exist in space, or high tech laboratories, or science fiction novels and movies, you may be surprised to know that robots are everywhere. 

In 1941, the word "robotics" was first used to describe the technology of robots.  "Robotics" is now an accepted word that describes all technologies associated with robots.  Or it means the study and use of robots.

In 1956, the world's first robot company was formed.  There are robots used in the real world, but most in industrial world.  They were mainly computer controlled "arms and hands". 

In 1968, the robot "Shakey" had wheels, cameras, collision detectors, and a computer.  It also had a radio linked to a more powerful computer.

Robots can be used in places that are too dangerous, e.g. dealing with radioactive materials, deep-sea missions, bomb disposal, or even going into volcanoes.

Nowadays, you may think robots were being used only in science educational centers, the classrooms, or science clubs.  But in fact, you may interact with robots everyday without even realizing them.

If you are enthusiastic young scientists, you may like to know more interesting facts and stories about the fascinating world of robots.

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